Trying new food is a massively important part of traveling for me! 

Ahead of my trip to Brussels two and a half weeks ago, I wanted to learn what food and drink they were famous for! 

First Belgian waffle in Brussels
First Belgian waffle in Brussels

I couldn’t find a very conclusive blog post so I hope this will be helpful to you! 

I think it’s fair to say that most of us associate Belgium with waffles and chocolate. But I wanted to be sure I tried a variety of famous foods while I was there! 

If your heading over to Brussels soon or just fancy a bit of ‘food porn’ then this is the post for you! 



Where to begin? Belgium does so many waffles so well! 


Maison Dandoy is simply the best! It’s slightly on the expensive side for a Waffle- but trust me, it’s worth it! Here we tried our first Brussels waffle as opposed to the Liege waffle. This waffle was lighter and more airy than the other more dense waffles we tried.

Of course I had to get melted Belgian chocolate on mine!

Maison Dandoy
Maison Dandoy


Los Churros and waffle was the waffle I needed when I felt like indulging but didn’t want to break the bank! 

It was so tasty! I went for Nutella and strawberries and it was only €4.50. 

Los Churros and Waffle
Los Churros and Waffle


Le Funambule here we were able to take in one of the most famous sights in Brussels- Manneken Pis and enjoy our first Belgian waffle at the same time! It was to die for! it was the perfect texture and had amazing crystals of crunchy and chewy sugar running through it!

Okay, so it’s safe to say we ate plenty of waffles. but what else is worth trying in Brussels?


I’m really not usually a fan of mussels but I always want to stretch my comfort zones while on holiday. And so instead of just having a pizza or something, I thought ‘why not brave some Mussels?’. They are famously good in Brussels.

Chez Leon Mussels
Chez Leon Mussels

I actually really enjoyed them! It helps that garlic is my favourite thing on earth, as they were absolutely covered in the gorgeous buttery garlicky sauce (now I’m literally drooling).

We did our research and found the best place to eat them is Chez Leonwe picked up a sightseeing map and there was a 10% off code in there which was an added bonus!


This came as a surprise to me! I may just be a bit ignorant but I always associated fries with America, never really with Europe!

But let me tell you, the fries I had in Brussels were tastier than anything I have ever tried in the States!

They are perfectly golden and crisp on the outside and soft on the inside (a little like me when I sit in the sun too long).



I couldn’t let you go to Belgium without trying Belgian Beer! We were blown away by the amount of choice available at every bar! Everywhere you turn there are local people chilling outside with a beer and its just such a wonderful and relaxed lifestyle!

Belgian beer break
Belgian beer break

FYI the freshly squeezed lemonade was really yummy too 🙂

If Beer tasting is really your thing, I found this helpful guide on Tripadvisor.

Thank you for reading. I know about you but all this has made me feel pretty hungry!

I hope this post can be helpful to any of you planning on travelling to Brussels.


Abbie- Fitter4Travel

P.S. please share this with any friends or family who are heading of the Belgium. hopefully they will enjoy these places as much as we did!

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