You may or may not know that a month ago I was in Venice for my 20th Birthday!

I have wanted to do a post on it since but have been overloaded with my studies since the new year began!!

Venice was incredible, I think it’s probably my favourite city break so far! Around every corner there is something truly beautiful, and it just had such a relaxed, stress free environment which I was definitely in need of!

But one of my favourite aspects has to be the food! The Venetians really have mastered a wide range of foods!

In this post I’m going to list some of the best foods in Venice and where I recommend trying them!


I know we can get our hands on crepes in the UK (Bristol literally has 5+ places in the city centre) but boy do they do it right in Venice! Most places in Bristol really don’t go very generously with the filling (in my case Nutella) and always fold it into a cone shape. This isn’t the case at all in Venice where they absolutely pile on the fillings and toppings and fold the crepe into a little parcel so that every bite is packed full!!

We had our crepe close to St Mark Square at La Maison de la crepe which was really good! Although according to tripadvisor the best place for crepes is Cocaeta although were closed when we went along😩


You really can’t go wrong with ice cream in Italy. It’s just so creamy and packed with flavour.. unlike the overly sugary whipped stuff we get in the UK! My favourite flavours were salted caramel and pistachio.

I don’t have any where in particular to recommend to you because I just think you can’t go wrong wherever you decide to go!

Ice cream in Venice
Ice cream in Venice


This is always a favourite for me! We went to a couple of really nice/ high end restaurant that produce the best pasta I have ever tasted but also some fast food joints that are pumping out fresh pasta made to order!

We were after a quick and cheap lunch on the day we arrived! So I hopped online and found Fried Land. I was most excited to try their fried seafood in a cone, but their pasta didn’t disappoint either! It was made to order and tasted delicious… the pasta must have been hand made in house! It was the freshest tasting pasta I’ve ever eaten.

For my birthday meal we ate at Hostari Osottoosopra, ordinarily we wouldn’t dine anywhere so fancy, but we found a 25% off code on tripadvisor! For my main course I had scallop and prawn ravioli and it was incredible, I have to say it’s probably the best pasta I have ever eaten.

My 3rd and final helping of pasta came on our second evening and I actually opted for Gnocchi. We again hopped online for some recommendations and found Ristorante al Corner. I was a little disappointed with their Gnocchi selection so ended up for going for a plain old cheese sauce. The quality of the food was excellent.. very well cooked and very fresh!

Gnocchi in Venice
Gnocchi in Venice


We only had one Pizza in Venice but it was one to remember! To start with the thing was as big as me, but didn’t come with a hefty price tag as you might expect! We went for the Familiare size margarita for a minuscule €9 from Pizza 2000! We couldn’t even finish it between the two of us!

I can’t recommend this place enough.. after wining and dining for a few nights in a row, it felt amazing just to grab a pizza and chill out for the evening in our hotel room!

Massive Pizza from Pizza 2000, Venice
Massive Pizza from Pizza 2000, Venice


I had done my research ahead of time and knew I wanted to try this! Chicchetti is basically Venetian tapas. There are so many varieties to try but the most famous is a fish paste version called Baccala Mantecato. It sounds a bit strange but I encourage you to give it a go.. we ended up eating the stuff every day! Our favourite place was Bacareto Da Lele! It was unbelievable value at just €1 each!

Another great place was Osteria dei Sapori where we also indulged in a little prosseco. I would say this place had more variety than mention above but was a little more expensive at €1.50 a piece.

Chicchetti in Venice
Chicchetti in Venice


When I think of hot chocolate I think of a few heaped teaspoons of powder into boiling water NOTHING PREPARED ME FOR THE HOT CHOCOLATE IN VENICE!! It was basically melted Lindt chocolate in a cup! It was the most satisfying thing to eat/ drink on a cold day!

Drinking Hot Chocolate and taking in the sights in Venice
Drinking Hot Chocolate and taking in the sights in Venice


Venice is the home of Prosecco so you could have guessed it’s good! But honestly.. this stuff is amazing! I don’t really drink much and I’m certainly no connoisseur but it was so much nicer than any other Prosecco I’ve had. It was so crisp and easy to drink!

So there it is… all my favourite foods and places to try them in Venice! I hope you check some of them out if you go ❤️

Birthday meal in Venice. Drinking Prosecco
Birthday meal in Venice. Drinking Prosecco

Thanks for reading


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