You may be reading the title in utter shock- but trust me, it is possible to see a new country for under £150!!

Les Galeries Royales
Les Galeries Royales

In this post I am going to share with you how I planned my holiday to Belgium on a very tight budget! 

I recommend that you read my blog post 4 VITAL considerations for planning your first holiday! This will get you thinking about how to plan effectively and tell you the things you need to consider! 

But onto the new juicy stuff…

It is essential that you think ahead and consider your options!

The main consideration being- WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO? If you are living In the UK like me, there is no use in you thinking you can go to the Caribbean for £150. Think about where in Europe you would like to go? 

Grand Place
Grand Place

You would not believe how cheap flights to Europe are! Especially if you BOOK IN ADVANCE! For instance I have seen flights from Bristol to Split for as little as £7 (say whaaaat?!?) 

But if flying isn’t your thing, that’s cool too! I chose to give the Eurostar a go on my trip to Belgium and it’s a great alternative! (If you want a full review on my Eurostar experience please keep an eye out on my blog) 


I paid about £80 return to Brussels on the Eurostar, but if you are more organised than me and choose to go at a less popular time. Tickets can be as little as £25 each way! 

So that’s the travel sorted, but what about accommodation? 

If you have read some of my previous posts you may recall me raving about Airbnb! Once again I would like to inform you that this is a fantastic option if you are practising ‘penny pinching’. Although like anything, it has its downsides.

The main one being that if you are really trying to save it’s likely you will go for a ‘private room’ rather than and ‘entire house’. What this means is that you will basically be living in someone’s spare room. We have been pretty lucky with the hosts we’ve had but sharing a house isn’t for everyone so it’s just something to consider! 

Another cheap accommodation option is hostels! In Belgium we stayed at the Meininger which until I arrived, I didn’t even realise was a hostel. 

To be totally  honest, it’s much nicer than most hotels I’ve stayed in! 

Our room was huge, the atmosphere was great (loads of young travellers), facilities were awesome (onsite bar, restaurant, kitchen etc) and the location was pretty good too! 

Meininger isn’t only in Brussels, they are dotted all around Europe and they will all be of the same high standard! I highly recommend you check it out! 

Did I mention it only cost me £42 for two nights on BOOKING.COM?!? This is based on splitting the cost of the room 3 ways with my travel buddies! But a bed in a shared dormitory is as little as €15 per night! 


Although I appreciate there are other expenditures on holiday.

So just for good measure…


A very easy (slightly lazy) way to see a city is via a hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus. This is what we opted for on our 2nd day! I found us a snazzy deal on GROUPON so instead of the usual £25 we only paid £15 each! Bargain! 

Hop on Hop off bus tour stop
Hop on Hop off bus tour stop


Check out what the locals do best (when in Rome and all that). So for me that mean’t consuming my own body weight in Belgian waffles and chocolate, which is quite a feat in 3 days (but don’t worry I pulled it off).

Belgian Waffles
Belgian Waffles

So that’s it guys! I bit of a ramble but I’m on the train home now, and I wanted to give you my thoughts while it’s still fresh! 

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and have an amazing week ahead of you! 


Abbie – Fitter4Travel

P.S. if you found this helpful, please share it with a friend or family member that you think could benefit from having a plan in mind for their trip away!

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