In this post I want to get a bit more personal with you all and talk about my fitness journey.

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I am about 5ft7 now (age 19) and I have been this height for at least 5 years. So as you can imagine I was a pretty tall child and teen. This made me instantly feel ‘big’. I was never really overweight looking back, but I definitely felt it at the time.

Sadly this seems to be how a number of young people feel. I was constantly comparing myself to my ‘friends’ who were very petite and skinny! 

In my young teens I particularly struggled with the way my legs looked. I wanted very skinny ‘catwalk’ legs. This simply was never going to be genetically possible for me, and now I embrace my ‘chunky’ legs. 

Cable Kickbacks
Cable Kickbacks

Although at the time, I couldn’t accept the way my legs look and just wanted to look like everyone else. And so, with no access to a gym I tried my own at home workouts and massively restricted my daily calorie intake. This was pretty worrying to my parents, who of course saw nothing wrong with me! 

Looking back I definitely took the restrictive eating too far. Sometimes I would go an entire day without eating or only eating a couple of handfuls of special K. I also tried the juice diet but I didn’t stick to a very healthy plan, I would drink 1 maybe 2 juice drinks each day and that’s it! 

Luckily I didn’t eat like this for long and my parents stepped in early to explain their worries. They made me realise that health is the most important thing and that first and foremost I just needed to eat a good diet and exercise.

Throughout school I continued to struggle with the way I looked and lacked a lot of confidence! 

Although a massive turning point for me was when I turned 17 and learnt how to drive! I learnt to drive really quickly. My birthday is in January and I passed in May! Being able to drive meant I could finally get to the gym.

Gym Ab Workout
Gym Ab Workout

The gym made me feel amazing!! It was a massive stress reliever and also made me feel better mentally and physically! I have since moved from Surrey to Bristol but I still make time for the gym! 

I usually go about 5 times a week, mainly in the morning before work as it sets me up really well for the day! I most enjoy training legs and booty, but try my best to mix it up a bit with weight, hiit and circuit training! 

I hope to share more of my workouts with you going forward! Sometimes it can be really hard to find new things and mix it up in the gym! 

Gym Progress
Gym Progress

It’s important to do things in the gym in order to get your muscles working and have fun! 

Your body adapts when you do often, so keep your muscles on their toes and mix up your workouts!

Keep testing yourself and you will see results! 

I hope that you’ve had a lovely weekend and can do something you enjoy on a regular basis! 



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