The little things really do add up! 

In this post I’m going to talk to you about the small changes I have made to my buying habits. These changes have saved me money that I choose to put towards travelling! 

What habits could you change in order to do the things you dream of?

When I was at school I was like most teens… forever trying to keep up to date with the latest trends! 

I remember that Jack Wills was a huge craze when I started secondary school, but my parents would never ‘give in’ to me and buy that sort of stuff. 

I got my first job as soon as I turned 15. I never wanted to use my parents money as I wanted to work hard for things for myself! 

Although I didn’t always spend my money wisely! 

Obviously I had no bills to pay at 15, but I would still spend all my money all the time! I lived on online shops like Missguided and would always buy food when I was out! 

These were bad habits that I kept for around 2 years.

Although, when I turned 17 it all changed. I now had a car to pay for on top of my Nuffield gym membership (which wasn’t cheap). 

And so, I cut out the ‘pointless’ expenditures and would only spend my hard earned cash on the things I deemed a ‘need’ not a ‘want’! 

My now non-materialistic lifestyle has done me so many favours! 

Yes I’m wearing older clothes and have less stuff. But it’s enabled me to have some amazing experiences!

Times Square, New York
Times Square, New York

My good saving habits meant that as soon as I finished my last a-level exam (literally the next day) I jetted off for weeks on end travelling all around the States and Canary Islands.

I afforded all of this through part time work at B&Q. I worked 8 hours a week on around £8 an hour, so nothing glamorous! 

Last day working at B&Q
Last day working at B&Q

After a summer of amazing travels, I started working full time in finance. Which yes, meant getting paid more money but it also meant having to pay a lot more bills! 

I had to move out of my family home in Surrey and find my own place in Bristol! Rent, utility bills, gym membership, weekly food shop etc… it all adds up! 

So I felt as though I had to crack down on my spending even more! 

I’ve talked in another post about the money I use to spend on lunch at work! 

Although, let’s dig a little deeper and talk about COLD HARD CASH…

We always get up early for the gym and I use to never really feeling like making lunch when I was so sleepy! And so, I got in the habit of spending at least £3 a day on some form of lunch from Tesco or Sainsbury’s like a ‘meal deal’.

This was the quickest and easiest thing to do at the time! 

Although, by becoming more organised with my weekly shops and allowing more time for food prep in the morning or the evening before, I have been able to not only eat healthier but also save lots of money over time! 

Here’s the maths:

Assuming I bought lunch for 6 weeks and spent £3 each day, that would be a total of:

£3 X 7 X 6 = £126! 

And believe it or not, this would be enough to pay for my recent trip to Brussels!  

First Belgian waffle in Brussels
First Belgian waffle in Brussels

So for cutting the meal deals for 6 weeks I was able to afford myself a Eurostar ticket, 3 nights in a hotel and even a bus tour! 

Not a bad trade hey? 


Here’s a couple of changes you could make to save money:

OWN BRAND PRODUCTS– This seriously saves me so much money! Every time you go to pick up that branded product (even if it’s on ‘special offer’) make sure you check for a supermarket own brand. In the example below I compare the cheese we use to get to the cheese we buy now! It is almost half the price and even comes with 35g more!

Asda own brand products
Asda own brand products
Branded product
Branded product









PROMO CODES/ STUDENT DISCOUNT– Before I type my card details in anywhere I always search for promo codes. For instance, when I did my first order on Women’s Best I Googled “Womens Best discount code” and sure enough I got 10% off! Young people/ Students also get a lot of perks. I have a 16-24 year old railcard which has literally saved me hundreds of pounds each year!

Search for discount codes
Search for discount codes

I hope this post gives you some ideas to think about! 

What small changes could you make in order to achieve your long term goals? 

Thanks for reading 

Abbie- Fitter4Travel 

P.S. I am off on another big holiday soon so please follow me Instagram to keep up to date!

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