Every time I go on Instagram at the moment, I am bombarded with beautiful photos of men and women sporting Gymshark gear. 

Although, I try to bear in mind that not everything on Instagram reflects reality.

I put off buying anything from them as I thought it was just a bit of a craze! However, I was increasingly interested after seeing a number of positive reviews! 

So I took the plunge! 

Seamless leggings Beet
Seamless leggings Beet

On Thursday last week I was ready and waiting at 3pm for the new release! I was hoping to purchase the flex leggings as well as the new seamless bra and legging set in ‘Beet’. 

At 3:02 I had those three items in my basket! Although, at 3:03 the seamless sports bra was removed from my basket as I tried to check out – It has sold out in less than 3 minutes!! 

I stuck with my other two items (the new release Beet seamless leggings in a small and the sapphire blue flex leggings in a small) and paid £64.80 with a 10% discount code that I received for signing up! 

I ordered them on Thursday and they arrived on Monday. So I am super impressed with the speed of delivery! 

Now, what about the actual products? 

I have to say, I was pretty shocked when I opened the package! 

The leggings looked tiny! Nothing to worry about though, as soon as I felt them, I knew that they would fit fine as they are super stretchy! 

I was so excited to try them on! I hardly ever buy new clothes of any sort. So this felt like a bit of a treat to myself! 

I tried on the seamless leggings first and ended up going straight out on a run with my boyfriend. It was a great opportunity to try them out! 

They were a really good fit and I felt great in them! They are super flattering due to being high waisted. The pattern on the leggings was also doing me all sort of favours and really making my legs looks shapely! 

They were very comfortable to run in and didn’t slip down at all! I also had to do the ‘squat test’ and of course they passed! 

Gymshark Seamless Leggings
Gymshark Seamless Leggings

£40 is a fair price for a very high quality pair of leggings! I definitely recommend the seamless collection! 

Now onto the flex leggings! I didn’t get to put these in until the morning after they arrived. I put them on and headed straight to the gym at about 6:30am.

I was just getting into my workout when I spotted a significant tear/gap between the waistband and the leggings (shown in photo below). 

Damaged Gymshark Flex leggings
Damaged Gymshark Flex leggings

I am assuming that I just got unlucky and was sent a faulty pair as I had only ever heard good things about the flex leggings! 

I got home and went straight on to the Gymshark website to see how I could return the faulty item. And I have to say, the process couldn’t be more simple! 

I was very impressed with the information available on the site, and in a few clicks I had a free returns label and the returns form. 

I sent the package back on Tuesday and it’s now Thursday. Understandably I haven’t heard anything back yet. But I did decide to have a second look on the website just incase there was something I missed…

And there was! The website has a special section for faulty products. It encouraged me to send photos of my item for them to investigate! 

Photo Evidence of Gymshark Faulty product
Photo Evidence of Gymshark Faulty product

I am yet to receive a reply, but I am hopeful that this means I will be compensated (I will let you know what happens). 

This issue has made me feel negatively towards the flex leggings as I am now out of pocket and have no leggings to show for it! 

I am very hopeful that my issue will be resolved as Gymshark pride themselves on quality products and good customer service! 



+ Speed of delivery 

+ Quality of seamless leggings 

+ Overall fit/sizing 

+ Ease of returning item 


– Quality of flex leggings (although I suspect my pair were just faulty) 

– Speed at which stock runs out

– Slight lag on website (I feel as though this is why I missed out on the sports bra) 

I hope you found this useful. Thanks for reading! 



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