Recently I have been overloading you all with my travels so I thought I would mix it up a bit and give you an update on my fitness!

Since coming back from our holiday I’ve gone back to work, moved house and also started the next course in my accountancy training.

Despite being so busy, we have done our best to still make time for the gym

Disappointingly we haven’t been able to fit in 5 sessions a week as we had before holiday. But we have still managed to squeeze in 4 sessions each week!

Pre-Holiday shape
Pre-Holiday shape

Hopefully we will be more settled this week and can fit our usual 5 sessions in.

Keep reading if your interested to hear what workouts I am loving at the moment!


Not so long ago I was trying to split my workouts to focus on a specific area… you know, the classic ‘legs day’, ‘arms day’ type thing.

But this didn’t work very well for me!

For one, I was useless at sticking to it and would often neglect my upper body to train the areas I preferred to work like my legs and bum!

So more recently I’ve been trying to include more of the following in my sessions:






I first saw this on Grace Fit UKYouTube channel. Where she basically explained that German volume training is where you do 10X10, so 10 sets of 10.

My favourite variation to do is smith machine squats but I also like doing smith machine hip thrusts and lunges.

On her channel she recommends taking a 1 minute rest between each 10, but I choose to rest my legs and work my upper body so that I keep moving!  And get the most from the limited amount of time I have in the gym before work!

My bum is seriously on fire after doing this workout!

Give it a go- feel the booty burn!


There are so so many variations of HIIT that you can do, but here’s what I have been doing most recently…

My gym gets pretty busy, but I can usually guarantee a spot on a treadmill as there’s just so many of them! That’s why I chose to do a HIIT workout using a treadmill only!

I start by doing 10 minutes of full incline  power walking. I set the incline on the treadmill as high as it goes to get my legs and bum working as hard as I can!

From there I do 5-10 minutes of up-hill jogging. I say 5-10 minutes as sometimes I just don’t have enough time, and other times I put a circuit at the end of my workout so I don’t want to spend too much time on the jogging!

HIIT, Uphill Jogging
HIIT, Uphill Jogging

The jogging really helps you to get a sweat on, ready for the sprints…

Finally it’s time for the sprints! I do these on a medium incline. 20 seconds of flat out running as fast as you can. A short break and repeat! I do this 10 times in total!

HIIT, Uphill Sprinting
HIIT, Uphill Sprinting

To save time going up and down the speeds. Just set to the speed you want and hope on and off the sides rather than reducing all the way down on your breaks!


I had never really done circuits in the past. I always use to like staying in my comfort zone which meant spending a lot of time on the few machines I knew how to use!

I joined a circuits class that was on before work every Friday since December. But now we’ve moved gyms the classes no longer fit my schedule!

It’s ok though as I feel more confident and I can put together my own circuits.

I often like to incorporate free weights into my circuits but you can do all the exercises without weights too if your prefer!

Please check out my Instagram where I have posted a couple of quick and easy circuits. I tend to focus on upper body or abs in these circuits as these are the areas I seem to otherwise neglect!

Circuit Videos on my Instagram
Circuit Videos on my Instagram


I feel like this is already a heavily talked about subject so a won’t chat away for too long…

But basically when I first started out at the gym I thought that weights were the opposite of what I should be doing!

I use to kill myself on cardio machines for hours at a time but never really felt like I was making any progress!

Trying to be body confident by the pool
Trying to be body confident by the pool

A huge part of this has been acceptance!

I now know with my body shape, I will never have stick think legs… so I stopped aiming for that and started to build my booty and shape my legs!

I have done this by going into the big scary weights section. But guess what? Turns out it’s not that scary!

I really had no clue what I was doing at first but through the amazing content on social media, I have been able to learn!

Alternatively you could get a personal trainer to get you started!

HERE I posted my top 10 bikini body workouts. There’s a few weighted exercises in there so check it out!

Smith Machine Hip Thrusts
Smith Machine Hip Thrusts

I hope that has been an interesting and informative read for you. But as always… please get in touch if you have any questions!

Thanks for reading


P.S. if you have enjoyed this post, please stay tuned as I hope to have some more fitness content for you shortly!


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