So in the world of health and fitness at the moment, Fitbits are huge! 

They are also pretty expensive! Fitbits cost around £120 so I thought it would be worth trying a cheaper alternative! 

On Amazon I bought the ‘Mpow Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker’ for about £20! It had very good reviews and the criteria met everything that I wanted from a Fitbit.

Mpow Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Tracker
Mpow Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Tracker

It only came in the post yesterday so here’s me giving you my initial thoughts having collated 24 hours worth of data! 

So what does it do? 


First and foremost it is a watch! I’ve never really been much of a watch wearer and I always use my phone for the time! 

This fitness tracker is great for me as I can easily access the time and date without having to dig around for my phone! 

My boyfriend is a watch wearer and he has actually started wearing his fitness tracker instead of his watch! 

Not much else to say on this really apart from the fact that it’s not always very responsive.

What I mean is that as you turn your wrist, you want to see the time straight away. Although mine is quite slow and take a few seconds to catch up. This could just me being a little impatient but I thought it was worth calling out! 


This is probably the main feature of all the ‘fitness trackers’ you have most likely seen all over the internet!

To maintain a healthy lifestyle it’s recommended that you aim for around 10,000 steps each day! 

Fitness trackers enable you to monitor your steps, set goals and get notified when you meet your target! 

Steps tracker
Steps tracker

For those of you who like to monitor calories, the tracker also tells you the amount of calories burned based on your heart rate, height, weight and steps taken! 

The basic steps information can be viewed on the tracker itself. Although it’s worth noting that there is a free app available that is compatible with both IOS and Android! 

Steps daily results
Steps daily results

So far, so good! I am finding the step count to be much more accurate than the health app on my iPhone.  


This was the feature I was most interested to use! Being able to analyse your own sleep is fascinating to me! 

I always had a suspicion that I am a very light sleeper because I seem to be woken by every and any insignificant noise in the night!

Sleep tracker daily results
Sleep tracker daily results

As you can see this fitness tracker confirms it! As out of 7 hours of sleep, only just over an hour was deep sleep! 

I’m very interested to use this going forward as I always feel like I sleep badly when I am stressed. I would like to see how accurate my perception of my own sleep is! 

Sleep is very important to a healthy lifestyle!

I’m aiming for 8 hours of sleep a day, this is probably going to be a bit of a challenge for me during the week as I wake up early for the gym. But I’m hopeful that I will be able to smash my target on the weekends! 


Now this is the feature I have probably struggled with the most so far. Again I don’t know if I’m just being too impatient but it really does take a while for the band to display your heart rate! 

Negative- slow to display heart rate
Negative- slow to display heart rate

I also heavily question the accuracy of the reading. For instance I was sat watching TV and had a look. It started at 50 and raised to over 80 in just a matter of seconds. This just doesn’t seem possible! 

Resting Heart Rate
Resting Heart Rate

Although as previously mentioned, I have only been using the tracker for a day! I am hopeful that it will be a useful tool to use especially while I am working out.


There are additional settings on the app shouldn’t go without a mention. Some of my favourites so far include call alerts, sedentary alert and wake-up alarm.

Additional Features
Additional Features

The call alerts have already come in handy for me. When I am in the office or in meetings, I don’t want my personal phone to go off, so I keep it on silent. This means I miss a lot of calls! The call alert sends a gentle vibration through the band to alert you when someone rings you.

The sedentary alarm gives you a buzz if you have been sat down for ‘too long’. I have mine set to every 45 minutes. When I’m working at my desk it is easy to let the hours fly by without even getting up for a drink of water! This has proved really useful in reminding me to get off my bum and stretch my legs a little!

I think the alarm is probably one of the most popular features! Everyone I have spoken too about fitness trackers has raved about how they so much prefer to be woken up this way. The band wakes you up with gentle vibrations instead of loud noises! This makes waking up much more pleasant!


Overall, the fitness tracker is really easy to set up and even easier to use! The App is fantastic! In just a few clicks you can set up all your personal data and get started!

There are so many fitness trackers out there on the market (just on amazon alone there are hundreds!) so have a look at your options to decide which is the best one for you!

For me it was a case of not wanting to invest all that money straight away in a Fitbit if I wasn’t going to gain much from having a fitness tracker!

I am already enjoying using the tracker and may one day invest in a Fitbit, but for now, this is a great option for me!

Thanks for reading. I hope you found it useful.

Abbie- Fitter4Travel

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