I can’t believe it’s our last day today… It has come around way too soon!

Time flies when you’re having fun!

Keep reading to find out what we got up to on our last day!


We woke up fairly early and were out the door and on the subway before 9:30am!

We took the E line downtown to the World Trade centre.

Subway Ride to One World Trade Centre, New York
Subway Ride to One World Trade Centre, New York

This was the easiest stop to get us near the harbour for our cruise!

I booked the cruise as a treat to Jeremy as we are celebrating our anniversary today! Unfortunately, I didn’t read the paperwork well so we arrived there for 10am when we weren’t due until 11am-silly me!

So we took this as an opportunity to eat some breakfast. We walked past a large cafe called ‘Roast’ on the way to the harbour, so we decided it was easiest to go in there for some food! We each had oatmeal and shared a cup of watermelon.

Regrettably, we chose to drink tea! It’s getting on for 2 weeks since I’ve had a good old cup of English breakfast tea, but unfortunately this tea just didn’t taste as good as at home!

The food was scrumptious though and just what we needed!

From there we got straight onto the boat ready for the trip I had planned for Jeremy…

The tour took us down to the financial district for a clear view of the One World Trade Centre.

Views of the One World Trade Centre, New York
Views of the One World Trade Centre, New York

We then travelled further towards midtown for views of the Empire State and Chrysler Building.

From there we went onto the main event… the Statue of Liberty! Despite coming to New York last year, this time we got so much closer to the lovely Liberty as we only did the Staten Island ferry last time!

Photo opportunity with the Statue of Liberty
Photo opportunity with the Statue of Liberty

The Staten Island ferry is free, so I great option if your trying to do New York on a budget! You an check out one of my previous posts HERE for other free and cheap things to do in New York.

Statue of Liberty, New York
Statue of Liberty, New York

Our final major sight of the cruise was the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, if I come to New York again I would love to walk or cycle across one of these bridges as I’m sure you’d get some insane views of the city!

After the cruise…

Jeremy had planned a surprise for me which was sadly cancelled yesterday 😔 we were meant to do this after the cruise but it didn’t work out.

He later told me that it was a food tour where we would have tried bagels, pizza, cheesecake and more!

Probably for the best as it started to absolutely tip it down as soon as we finished on the boat!

We killed some time inside doing some shopping and then sought after an infamous Black Tap milkshake!

Black Tap Cookie Milkshake, New York
Black Tap Cookie Milkshake, New York

I had seen these crazy shakes on Instagram and really wanted to give them a go! To my surprise, our hotel (The Wellington Hotel) is literally opposite one of the Black taps!

We went for the cookie shake… I’m so glad we shared it as this thing was huge! It was so tasty! I recommend it!

We felt a bit limited as the weather was so bad. So we booked an early dinner and started getting showered and ready at about 4:30pm.

We dressed up nice, and I put makeup on for the first time on this holiday as we are celebrating!

Smart Dress code, Dining in New York
Smart Dress code, Dining in New York

We had our meal at Lincoln Square Steakhouse, who I literally can’t recommend enough!

They were amazing! They literally catered to our every need, doing things before we even realised we wanted them, such as topping up water and bringing complimentary bread!

They had a 3 course set menu for $42 dollars, which is amazing value for the quality of their food!

To start I had the Sizzling Canadian Bacon and Jeremy had the soup of the day! Both were very tasty!

After that we both decided on the Filet Mignon. I like mine cooked medium-well! We shared sides of broccoli, creamed spinach and truffle mac and cheese…. this food was out of this world!

Romantic Meal, Lincoln Square Steakhouse
Romantic Meal, Lincoln Square Steakhouse

We are usually fast eaters, but we really took our time over this course, to ensure we savoured every bite!

Our plates were taken away and desert plates laid out. We hadn’t ordered our desert yet so I assumed they would come around… boy was I wrong!

They did so much more!

About 5 members of staff came around the table (including the manager) with a taster of all their deserts, as well as a huge chocolate soufflé!

Amazing Dessert, Lincoln Square Steakhouse
Amazing Dessert, Lincoln Square Steakhouse

If this wasn’t amazing enough, they also took our photo, printed it out, framed it and signed a card to thank us for our custom!

We were literally made to feel like royalty!

I really can’t recommend them enough! Check them out on TripAdvisor HERE.

And that’s where our holiday comes to an end…

We are up early for our flight home tomorrow… but wow! What an amazing holiday!

Thank you for reading this post. This is the last of ‘24 HOURS IN’ series which you can check out HERE.

If you have any questions about my trip, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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