Today we took things a little easier… keep reading to see what you can do New York City at a more relaxed pace!


My boyfriend Jeremy really needs his sleep, something we’ve definitely lacked whilst on our tour.

And so we decided to have a ‘lie in’. It wasn’t really that much of a lie in as we were up, ready and out of the hotel by 9:30am. But this is much later than what we got use to on the tour!

We are staying at the Wellington Hotel, which is conveniently close to Central Park, so we decided to go there for a little stroll.

Walking around Central Park, New York
Walking around Central Park, New York

We loved it here last year! It’s amazing how quickly you totally escape the city as soon as you step into Central Park!

It’s so green and there’s so much wildlife! One of our favourite things to do in Central Park has to be going over to ‘the lake’ and seeing the turtles!

Feeding the Turtles, Central Park
Feeding the Turtles, Central Park

There wasn’t as many as when we came in June last year, but Jeremy still managed to get pretty close to some, and even feed a couple some leaves!

We continued to walk around Central Park for about an hour or so. We then decided to head to the nearby museum.

The American Museum of Natural History is about half way up Central Park on the left hand side (if you were looking at it on a map). Tickets were quite reasonably priced at only $18.50 each (I benefited from student prices as I am a trainee accountant).

The museum was massive, right in the entrance there were two huge dinosaurs skeletons which gathered a lot of attention!

The first exhibit we went in was directly ahead of us as you come though the main entrance. I believe it was called ‘African Animals’.

Life-like Elephants at the AMONH, New York
Life-like Elephants at the AMONH, New York

We went in there first as the elephants really caught our eye! They were full sized and amazingly detailed. I have a soft spot for elephants so this was probably my favourite thing to see.

There were so many other animals in that room. From what I read, I think some were just sculptures and others were real animals. If I’m honest I don’t really like the idea of displaying real, dead animals 😔

We moved around a number of the exhibits for an hour or two. Our other favourite was the Space exhibit. We went into a theatre where we were taught about the Big Bang, the exit of the theatre also listed what happened in the years that followed! This was really interesting.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not really much of a ‘museum goer’. But I thought it was an important thing to do in New York, and we missed it when we were here last year!

After the museum I hunted for wifi to get my blog post up and then we headed to Times Square.

I’m glad we saw Times Square last year, first thing in the morning as we pretty much had the place to ourselves. This time around its been so busy that I haven’t really been able to stop and take it all in!

Times Square, New York
Times Square, New York

We decided to escape the busy crowds and find somewhere less busy Instead, we decided to nip in somewhere quieter for a late lunch (at about 3pm). We chose to eat at Red Lobster, as we both loved the restaurant in Orlando.

A little bit about our experience…

Some of the reviews we had seen on the Times Square branch were a bit concerning, but we decided to give it a go anyway as we love their food!

Red Lobster, Times Square
Red Lobster, Times Square

It took a while to be seated even though the restaurant was half empty, it then took even longer for a server to come to our table. After quite a while a waitress walked passed and asked if we are being seen to, we said no and she said she will look into it.

After hardly any time at all, she came back and offered to look after us,

I can only assume they were having staffing issues that day!

She was really nice and took our order straight away.

Unfortunately the food wasn’t as good as I remembered. It definitely didn’t feel as fresh as in Orlando.

I went for the Shrimp Linguini Alfredo which use to be my favourite. Sadly it looked and tasted like it had been reheated in the microwave as it was hard and stiff on the top and oily and runny on the bottom.

Mains at Red Lobster
Mains at Red Lobster

I couldn’t bare to complain to our busy waitress so we got the bill, paid the money and left. The salads, soup and biscuits were nice, shame about the main course.

Back to exploring NYC…

We decided to walk of lunch around Bryant Park. It was beautiful here and quite busy as it was such a lovely sunny day!

We laid out our jumpers and sat here and chilled for a while. It was an amazing place to soak in the city!

Views from Bryant Park, New York
Views from Bryant Park, New York

After that we took the long way back to the hotel, passing the Rockefeller Centre and HBO studios on the way!

We put HBO on and Keeping up with the Joneses just started so we watched that before bed and got an early night ahead of another busy day tomorrow!

I hope you enjoyed reading! I really can’t recommend visiting New York enough!

There’s just so much to do here! Check it out if you can!

Thanks for reading

Abbie- Fitter4Travel

P.S. If you have any questions about my trip, please don’t hesitate to contact me on here or alternatively on my Instagram

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