January is a struggle! We all tend to feel a little glum as we get back to our routines after the festivities.

On top of this, here in England we have the added complication of short dark days and miserable weather… so it’s quite easy to find yourself wishing January away.

January is also a long month. I don’t know about you, but I got paid early in December (most big companies do) and so I’m having to make my money go further for longer in January!

In this post I’m going to be sharing plenty of fun things to do on a budget to rid you of those January blues!


This one isn’t just cheap, it’s freeeee!!!

I don’t usually like to sign up for too much stuff as you end up getting bombarded with junk emails! But it is worth keeping an eye out for offers…especially in January as businesses struggle to get enough customers through the door.

My favourite freebie is from Pitcher and Piano. I registered my email address in the summer and ever since I have had a free drink every month. On Sunday Jeremy and I enjoyed a free mojito!

Free drinks- Pitcher and Piano
Free drinks- Pitcher and Piano


Most businesses will try to make their members feel a little bit special. My parents have had some great experiences with British Airways as they are loyal members and I have experienced the same with Royal Caribbean. But flights and cruises aren’t cheap!

It is possible to find membership deals that won’t cost a lot. For instance, Jeremy and I only paid £6.75 to go to the cinema yesterday.

We got such cheap tickets as we are Insider members  at Showcase. It was free to become a member, and they send you a card which entitles you do discounted Cinema tickets on Sunday Evening and all day Monday and Tuesday. This one’s really worth checking out!

Showcase Insider Deals
Showcase Insider Deals


Sometimes the deals on these sights really are a steal but I would say to check alternative websites before you part with your cash!  

I’m desperate to do a spa day soon and I have seen plenty of great deals on Groupon for 50% off or more.

Last night we decided to turn our cinema date into a full date night as I found a deal on Groupon which was 2 courses for 2 people at Bella Italia for £18! What a steal!

Groupon Deal at Bella Italia
Groupon Deal at Bella Italia

The deal was good but the restaurant wasn’t. I have had good experiences at other Bella Italia’s but the Cabot Circus one was useless. The service was so slow and the food was greasy. Although,the manager made it up to us with a free cocktail and I can’t imagine that you would have the same issue if you choose to go for this deal.

I do prefer Groupon to Wowcher. I have had multiple items that haven’t arrived from Wowcher but never any issues with Groupon *touch wood.


In Bristol at the moments it is almost impossible to walk anywhere without seeing an amazing restaurant deal. On my walk at lunchtime today I walked past Steak of the Art who were offering £11.50 roast dinners so I booked it!

A lot of places will also have set menus such as Zizzzi’s that are Offering 3 courses for £15.95 in January. Look at the restaurants local to you and I’m sure they will have a great set menu available.

Failing that they will probably have discounts available. Just in the last two days Prezzo have emailed me with a voucher for a free bottle of Prosecco and 241 on mains.

Prezzo Deals
Prezzo Deals

It seems as though everyone is a bit sick of food in January so restaurants are really working hard to get people through the door!


I am off to Venice soon and all in (Flights, Hotel and spending money) it has only cost me £300.

Flights are crazy cheap at this time in the year. My return flight to Venice only cost me £25!! My favourite websites for finding cheap flight deals are Skyscanner and Kayak.

The same goes for hotels this time of year. We are staying at one of the top hotels in Venice for only £120 each for 3 nights. Originally I found the hotel on Booking.com but I found that our hotel had an even better deal on their own website at the time so we ended up booking directly through the hotel!


There is always a deal to be had… this is especially true in January as you have just read!

I really encourage you to go out and find some good deals to keep you busy! Join the gym, spend time your with friends but whatever you do, please don’t coupe yourself up in doors!

I hope this post has given you some ideas about how you can make January more bearable on a shoestring.

Thanks for reading

Abbie- Fitter4Travel

P.S. if you want to see how I’m staying busy in January…Please check out my Instagram HERE.

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