After I’ve paid my rent and my bills and my food etc. I’m not usually feeling too rich! 

Although, whatever happens I know I want to stretch my cash as far as possible.

Now, I don’t mean on shoes and bags, I’m talking about gaining once in a lifetime experiences, to ensure I can do and see some amazing things while I’m still young! 

Canary Island Sunset
Canary Island Sunset

The excitement of buying materialistic stuff dies quickly over time. But travelling creates memories that last a lifetime! 

If you have been following my blog, you may have already read My tricks for a 3 day holiday for less than £150 OR Top 5 Free/Cheap thing to do in NYC. Where I talk about ways to go on holiday cheaply, and things you can experience for next to nothing (or literally nothing in some cases). 

But in this post I want to talk more about the decisions you can make further in advanced to create more opportunities for yourself! 


I am a total planning and organisational freak! I want to be able to consider the beginning, middle and end point of anything that I take on.

I started working in finance around a year ago, and unlike school, my job has taught me what a powerful tool excel is.

So, USE EXCEL! I really heavily recommend that you type out all of your ins and out on either a monthly, or preferably a yearly basis!

Pool Image
Orlando Pool day

This seems so obvious, but so many people rely on estimating their expenditures and tend to overspend a little each month! Writing it all down allows you to fully track what money you have to spend.

Seeing it all written down will most likely make you think a bit harder about what you spend your money on! And allow you to see where your going wrong.


The big expenditures stand out in your mind, like the weekly food shop or a £70 spend on Gymshark gear (cough cough). And so, this won’t be where your money is ‘disappearing’ to.

Notably, these things are either absolutely essential, or the occasional treat to yourself! 

These things are harder to cut out, and if your sensible you shouldn’t have to make cuts in this area! 

What does add up is the small stuff! When I first started work I bought a £3 meal deal or some form of lunch for around 4-6 weeks! 

£3 doesn’t sound like a lot each day but it adds up to £84-£126!! That would pay for my recent trip to Brussels (2 nights in a hotel and Eurostar ticket)!

First Belgian waffle in Brussels
First Belgian waffle in Brussels

Now I make lunch everyday out of items I pick up in my weekly shop. Admittedly, this does take more time to make. But it’s most likely healthier than a meal deal, and certainly cheaper!! 


The people around me tell me this is one of my strengths. I am able to make practical decisions whilst considering the effects in the short and long term! 

A mixture of short term and long term goals is ideal.

If you are only living ‘in the moment’ then its is most likely this will come at a cost. 

Yes, you may have that new pair of shoes, but you have lost the next best alternative forgone. This is called an opportunity cost. Where one decision means sacrificing else where.

I am not willing to give up travelling. And so, I try to make smart decisions in the short term, to allow myself the opportunity to travel in the long run. 

Top of the Rock, NYC
Top of the Rock, NYC

But don’t get me wrong. Short term goals are important too! In the gym for example! 

You can’t expect to achieve the end goal overnight, so it is important to set short term goals. This will help you get there step by step and keep you motivated! 

To conclude…

We are all different. Each of us have different things we want to achieve at different stages in our lives. Some of us still don’t know and that’s fine too! 

This post was really just to highlight that happiness can be found in ways you wouldn’t always expect.

When I was 15/16 all I wanted was the latest phone and clothes. Now that stuff means nothing to me as long as I have my health, family and amazing memories! 

Fuerteventura Celebration Drinks
Fuerteventura Celebration Drinks

I hope you can find what makes you happy! And that this post has provided you with some ideas about how to get there! 

Thanks for reading 


P.S. Please let me know what you would like to see next! 

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