Wow, what a day! Today has been absolutely packed with sightseeing and activities.

I woke up at about 6 and worked out in the hotel gym until about 7. This made me feel a lot better after such a heavy dinner the night before!

Early Morning gym session
Early Morning gym session

We then hopped onto the bus at 7:45 and made our way back to Niagara Falls, this time the Canadian side. This only took about 20 minutes.

First stop, Niagara Falls…

When we arrived we went straight to the entrance for the Hornblower cruise. If you haven’t heard of it, the Hornblower is basically the Maid of the Mist equivalent for the Canadian side of the Falls.

Hornblower Cruise, Niagara Falls
Hornblower Cruise, Niagara Falls

It was amazing!! We literally got taken right into the Falls. Luckily we were given ponchos, otherwise we would have been absolutely soaked!

This was on my bucket list and I feel so fortunate to have done it today!

After getting drenched on the Hornblower Cruise we headed over to the Skylon Tower for a different perspective.

We whizzed up in the lift in a matter of seconds. The view was out of this world! The Niagara Falls look totally different from all the way up there!

View of the Falls from Skylon Tower
View of the Falls from Skylon Tower

It only cost around $15 to do so I highly recommend doing it, even if you are on a bit of a tight budget!

Onto Toronto…

We left for Toronto at about 12:30 and the Journey took around 2 hours.

On arrival we were escorted straight over to the Habour where we boarded the Lake Ontario Cruise.

Lake Ontario Cruise, Toronto
Lake Ontario Cruise, Toronto

From the cruise we were able to take in spectacular views of the Toronto Skyline. There was also a small airport nearby, and so a number of aircrafts where flying just over head for the duration of the tour. This cost $27 so not too dear. Although, it didn’t feel very exciting having just done the Niagara Cruise. So I wouldn’t rush to do it again.

From there we went to the CN tower! This place was HUGE! It was also ridiculously busy! We got to skip most of the queue on the way up, although we still had to wait about 30 minutes for the lift.

It was worth the wait! The views were outstanding! Everything else seems so small when we were up so high! You could literally see for miles.

Views from the CN tower, Toronto
Views from the CN tower, Toronto

One thing I felt was missing was information. Having done the Skylon tower and the Top of The Rock, it just seems like there wasn’t very much information available. Jeremy and I like reading about the history of these places and understanding their significance.

On the other hand, a highlight was the glass floor. It was pretty scary to do but absolutely amazing once you put your fears aside and walk along. I took comfort from the fact that it was built to withstand the weight of 13 large hippos.

The CN tower cost $39, I think it was worth the money. But if I had my time over I would try and chose a quieter time as it was just too busy for my liking!

From there we stopped off for dinner, we weren’t feeling very hungry so just snacked.

And finally we stopped at the Toronto City Hall for a couple of photo opportunities. The famous Toronto sign was just outside which was pretty awesome to see!

City Hall, Toronto
City Hall, Toronto

I write to you now from the bus back to the hotel. I have been told we are staying close to the Toronto airport and that we have to be on the bus at 5:20am tomorrow.

This is a scarily early start so I think we will have a get an early night in tonight!

Please stay tuned for the rest of my 24 hours in posts. If you haven’t already seen days 1 and 2, you an read the posts HERE.

Thanks for reading


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