After a very full and exciting day in Philadelphia and Washington DC. We were grateful for a good nights sleep and a slightly later start to the day.

We hopped on the bus outside our hotel (Shippen Place) at 7:30am. We were greeted by our guide who warned us that we had a long journey ahead of us!

The drive from the hotel to Niagara Falls took around 7.5 hours!

Luckily it was broken up with breaks every 2 hours or so. These were mainly just ‘comfort breaks’ although we did have an enjoyable stop at Corning for lunch.

First stop, Corning…

Most people on our tour decided to visit the Corning museum of Glass although this didn’t interested us enough to part with $20 each.

Instead, we headed into the town which was just a short walk away. There was a shuttle available, but having spent over 4 hours on the bus at this point, we were keen to stretch our legs.

Corning Town
Corning Town

The town was beautiful. It felt like a film set! Unfortunately, we didn’t really get much time in the town. But obviously we found time to dip into the old fashioned sweet shop called treats!

We headed back to the bus for the final leg of the journey.

Next, onto Niagara Falls…

Almost 3 hours later we arrived at Niagara Falls!

A small group of us who hadn’t paid for the ‘Niagara fort tour’ were given 4 hours free time to explore.

I loved this! Jeremy and I had ample time to walk around freely and enjoy the sights.

Getting wet at the Niagara Falls
Getting wet at the Niagara Falls

I got so excited when I heard the crashing water that we pretty much ran towards the Falls! It was stunning! 

There was so much to take in all at once and so many different angles and places to view the Falls from!

Looking over the Niagara Falls
Looking over the Niagara Falls

We probably walked around for about an hour and a half before we started to feel hungry for dinner.

A quick look on TripAdvisor showed us what was most highly rated nearby. We decided on The Hard Rock Cafe as it was just around the corner and rated #6 out of all the restaurants at Niagara Falls.

Huge Nachos 'starter'
Huge Nachos ‘starter’

As you can see, we had a LOT of food! I feel slightly ‘food drunk’ writing this post now! American portion sizes are crazy!!

I’m glad we picked the Hard Rock Cafe… I have been to a lot of cities with a Hard Rock and never felt as though it was our best option for food. This is probably the case in Europe, but when in the states it felt like a pretty safe bet!

The food was to a really high standard and the service was great too! Although there was just way too much food for us to handle! We’ve ended up taking a lot of it ‘to go’ as we hate waste, but I can’t see us feeling hungry enough to eat it any time soon!

Foodies at the Hard Rock cafe
Foodies at the Hard Rock cafe

We managed to crawl back to the bus with our very full bellies.

I write from you now in the hotel room having crossed the Canadian boarder and gone for a little swim in the hotel pool! I hope to get up early tomorrow and use the gym.

We will have tomorrow morning over at the Canadian side of Niagara to go up the Skylon Tower and also ride the Hornblower up to the Falls! I am so excited to see the Niagara Falls from two totally new perspectives!

Thanks for reading

Abbie- Fitter4Travel

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