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My message is simple. Live the life that you want to live. For me personally that means keeping fit, traveling and being around the people I love. In my little corner of the web I will be sharing with you all of my fitness and travel tips!

I will provide you with unique ways to get the most out of your travels, and importantly, how to do it without breaking the bank. My boyfriend Jeremy and I travelled to New York, Washington and Orlando for three weeks. At the time, I was only working a Saturday job at B&Q, but we managed to plan so well that we could afford it all ourselves! We even went away again just after we got home. Believe it or not, we managed to spare enough money for a week in the Canary Islands!

As well as focusing on travel, I will also be discussing fitness. By no means do I consider myself an expert. But over the last 6 months I have built abs and a booty that I am really proud of!

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Orlando Pool day

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